Jul. 23rd, 2007

birthrightgreen: (Corset by mirrorqueen)
Oh, this one is easy, sugar. Revenge. Absolutely. There are few sensations that are more exquisite. The feel of the knife sliding through skin. The twist of the blade. The cries for mercy from one who has spent his life torturing, raping and breaking little girls. The screams that echo through Hell, when he sees his handiwork in your dead mother’s ripped throat, and feels his skin peel away. The taste of his blood when you lick it off your arms. The feel of the heat when you sink into the sulfur pool and listen as the beasts devour what you left of him. The peace, gentle and calm that settles over you when his cries finally cease, when you deliver the final death blow from your mind into his pathetic, skinned bones. No coming back to torment anyone in hell; you send him to the Darkness and you know that finally, it is over. Everything you have worked for, trained for, every assassination, every trial run, it has all paid off in this moment. The release is nearly orgasmic, cheeks flushing, breath quickening through it all, building to that point. It is done. And you are finally completely free.


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