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Surreal woke up with a smile, for all the confusion and tears of the last week. Sam's party had been...not what she expected and mayhap she should have stayed, but it was Winsol, and she needed to be at the Hall today, especially if she was going to leave. Graysfang bounced on the bed. His nose was cold where he nudged her and she pushed at it with a half-hearted snarl. It really was hard to snarl now that she'd made sure he didn't have fleas and they'd reached their compromises on when he could sleep where.

*It's Winsol, Surreal, get up*

Prancing on the bed was a distinct no-no, and she fixed him with a far more impressive glare that did nothing to dim his excitement.

*Get up, Surreal, get up* He nudged at her. *You have presents...*

Presents likely weren't going to be until after dinner and before the Ball. It was barely dawn, and she'd been up so late...


"I'm up. I'm up. Mother Night, you are as demanding as any client I ever had." If for completely different things, but a demand was a demand. She did want to get her gifts below the Winsol tree before the day truly began, though, but she was not telling the wolf that. She debated between a shower and a bath, finally settling on a long, hot shower. Lots of bubbling soap, and a soft sigh as the water pounding down eased some of the tension out of her. She wasn't going to think about it today.

Today she was going to celebrate the glory of Witch--of their Jaenelle--with her...her family. She smiled a little at the word, the concept and the faint ache that leaving the madness of the Hall would bring. Not to get caught up in the cycle of everything of all of them. But the Circle should all be here today. Most of the Circles, really, for it was Winsol, and Witch walked the earth. Already, she could hear stirrings from below. The Hall was stuffed to capacity, rooms spilling over with people, and more arriving tonight for the festivities. Mrs. Beale was in heaven and barking orders at all of the temporary staff who were never quite up to her standards, despite that she took only the best of the best.

Surreal smiled, greeting people as she moved downstairs. She'd grab breakfast after she put her gifts down.

The Ballroom with it's tree reaching toward the ceiling was empty, and she smiled in relief, pushing her hair back and thinking maybe she should have put it up for today. It was just going to get in the way. She knelt by the tree, then called in her gifts, placing them there carefully.

Perhaps she hadn't shown a great deal of originality in the initial selection, but she had been so very careful, trying hard to match things up. The trip to the bookstore in the other world had been harrowing and a bit confusing with all of their different symbols of money. The rectangular card Samael had given her had simplified things greatly.

They were wrapped, oh so carefully, in brightly colored paper with symbols of a fat man in a red suit in a sleigh through the woods. Santa Claus. She could tell them about him if they asked. She'd made sure to get the stories straight last night. Other paper had men made of snow on it, wearing hats, and she wondered if she could convince Daemon to help her build one of these snow-men this afternoon. She wasn't quite sure what the mechanics of it would be, but it looked like it could be challenging and fun.

She didn't know the second and third circles well, so she had gifts only for family and First Circle and she did hope that was all right.

They were slim volumes, bound in leather. Plays, a single one per book. She'd chosen based on summaries Sam had given her, the ones she thought suited each person best.

For Saetan, she chose Henry V. Lucivar got Henry IV, Part I. Prothvar got Henry IV, Part II. Andulvar got Henry VI, Part I. Mephis got Henry VI, Part II.

She chose A Midsummer Night's Dream for Gabrielle and Chaosti, because it had fairies in it, of course, and apparently fairies and the Dea al Mon were related. She did hate to repeat herself and they would share, of course, but. She couldn't resist. She picked them up a book of the artwork of Brian Froud as well, so they had two still. For Morghann, As You Like It, because she thought Rosalind's spirit would amuse her. For Karla, Taming of the Shrew because it amused her to no end and the only person she'd met here who could match her tongue on a regular basis was Karla. Marian, Much Ado about Nothing, because all of the romance was sure to delight her.

Morton got Twelfth Night, because Viola and Sebastian just reminded Surreal so much of Karla and Morton. The other boys, she scattered the histories among, and then the comedies to the girls.

For Jaenelle, she couldn't decide between The Merchant of Venice or The Tempest, so she got both.

Daemon...was more difficult. The one she kept returning to, she finally placed firmly back on the shelf, picking up Macbeth instead. He would like something darker than the others. She slipped a copy of Hamlet in her own bag, to read, to share if she thought he might like it later. Sam's comments about insanity had made her wary.

Not that Macbeth seemed properly sane, but she thought he'd like the castles and witches and the riddles of their prophecies.

A bottle of yarbarah for Saetan as well. For Jaenelle, a necklace with a delicate silver spider--a Black Widow--on it's web. And a lambswool cable-knit sweater, a heather green to bring out the gold of his eyes, for Daemon from a store called...she tried to remember. Right. Macy's.

Her lips tugged in a smile, remembering their conversation. He'd understand. She wrapped a large red bow around that one. He'd understand that, too.

She sat back with a sigh when they were all placed and breathed in the scent of the pine. With a final look, she got up and made her way toward breakfast and the rest of the Winsol celebrations.

OOC: We've all been slow/not here lately, and it's a hectic week, but I wanted to put something up for the celebration. Any and all BJT muses feel free to hop in, drop by, chat, dance, whatever, as you like/have time/please. Blessed Yule and Happy Winsol! :-)

ETA: Added links to Jaenelle and Daemon's non-book gifts.


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