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It was odd to be back at the Hall, after so many months away. Graysfang was grateful for it, bounding through the yard and gardens and trying to drag her outside at every chance he got.

*It's so much better than the park, Surreal*

She felt a flash of guilt that she'd stayed so long in Amdarh, more that he'd felt bound to stay with her most of the time. She'd tried to explain about the Realm, which confused him a bit, but when she promised lots of forests and a beach and plenty of room to run, he'd brightened back up. Clearly, the Realm was better than Amdarh, even if it was still away from his pack. Surreal was his pack now, as far as he was concerned.

He'd tolerate Prince Samael. Grudgingly. Not for any dislike of the man who still confused him despite Daemon's explanations, but out of simple wariness that he took so much of Surreal's time. But it would be different once she was pregnant. She wouldn't be able to use her Jewels and he'd have to protect her.

That part made him almost prance as he walked in front of her down the paths.

She chuckled, wondering what he was thinking, following more slowly. It was a beautiful day, peaceful. Normally the quiet would drive her mad, but with the family and Coven mostly here, the Hall itself wasn't exactly quiet.

The found a likely spot for playing, around the statues and the pond. Surreal scooped up a stick and threw it for him and the game of fetch began. Last time they'd tried this in the park there'd been an incident. Stupid little witch to shriek so at the poor wolf. He really hadn't meant her kitten any harm. But it wasn't Kindred and it hadn't understood that the wolf was just trying to be friendly, and had run from his mistress who'd started swinging her ridiculously frilled parasol at the poor wolf who'd thought it was a game.

Surreal almost giggled, remembering it. Aristos were so easy to disconcert sometimes, she thought, completely ignoring her membership in the premiere aristo family in Kaeleer. Family, yes. She could accept that. The aristo part she still had problems with, knowing it wasn't the life she was born to, status of her mother, and father, notwithstanding.

Another toss of the stick, and she settled on the grass to watch Graysfang cavort. He'd probably prod her into being more active in a bit, but for now she just wanted to enjoy the gardens, feel the land, and wonder just what the price would be if she left. Wasn't like she couldn't get back easily, anytime she chose, from the Realm. Simple really. Easier than coming home from Amdarh, and faster. But to make her place of residence somewhere else...

For the transitory soul, it was rather disconcerting to discover how deep she'd already buried her roots here. She frowned a bit and rubbed Graysfang behind the ears when he bounded back to her. A slobbering kiss to her cheek a moment later, and then he was off again. She smiled ruefully and wiped at her cheek. At least she'd have him, if she went. But the ache didn't ease at the thought of leaving the rest of them. She sighed, and rested her chin on her knees, trying to get the peaceful feeling back from the churning she'd stirred up inside.

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For Samael

Apr. 6th, 2006 08:23 am
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She was pacing. She'd been pacing. Ladies had made them stop talking, and it needed to be talked about. Or not. It could just be ignored, really. They didn't have to talk about it.

It probably was too soon. It had only been a few months of just them. They hadn't even moved in together, though they didn't really spend that much time apart, shifting back and forth between the two.

But this? This was big. This was life changing. This was...someone would have to move, probably. And her family might...Mother Night and may the Darkness be merciful. There'd be flailing. Would they let her leave? Would they trust him to protect her while she was vulnerable? Or would Daemon go all...things hadn't really gone well between he and Sam after all.

Was she even ready to be a mother?

Could she be? All those years of whoring and she'd never gotten pregnant and protection wasn't full proof and most whores did at some point.

Had there been too much damage, from too much...from how young she'd been? She'd heard of such. Witches speared too young who were never able to conceive.

The thought that it might be the case caused a shot of pain she wouldn't have expected. Whores didn't want children. But she wasn't a whore anymore. And the thought of holding a daughter--or son--of her own made her glow with a warmth she hadn't ever felt before. Longing, sharp and making her breath catch with how strong the craving was.

She nibbled on her lip, then grabbed a nutcake from the plate of them she'd coaxed Manny to make while she was here. That was better to nibble on, even if she wasn't hungry. She shifted to the window, watching for him, trying to ignore the clenching in her stomach.
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After this.

Surreal was much more cautious after the near choking and drowning by the little girl spirit thing, whatever it was. Something in it had called to her. Kinship, perhaps. She knew that rage. She would have felt guilty for hurting her except that survival was survival. She'd been just as willing to help as fight. The girl made her choice and Surreal won. Simple as that.

She moved cautiously through the maze, on edge now, the pain in her throat making her wince, anticipating anything and everything, and yet finding nothing as she wound through the corridor. It swung to the right and downward and she followed it, edging carefully, probing the darkness ahead, around corners, though her senses seemed to be off and she couldn't get a feel for what might be coming. The path merged with others and she bit her lip, worrying at it as she contemplated her choices.

With a sigh, she stayed straight, following the path she'd been on before. A slithering sound sent shivers down her skin. She was not fond of serpents at all. Her hand slid around her stiletto again. These would undoubtedly be poisonous. A little test, making sure her gray shield was in place. No fangs would be able to penetrate it and bury in skin, at least. She still shuddered again at the sound.

She was nearly frozen in shock when she rounded the corner and saw it, coiled there, with talons and wings looked at her and she cried out sharply when it's gaze met hers, the pain surprising her as it ran through her, and she stumbled against the wall, sagging, trying to breathe through it and not scream, feeling her Jewel strength drain out of her. Her body felt weak, almost numb, and she was trembling. She tried to pull on the Gray, but it was drained. She closed her eyes, not able to stand opening them. Something sizzled on the wall next to her, odor rank, and she knew she had to do something. She pulled on the Green's strength, there but faint, to stand up again, even though she was still shaking. She kept an eye on it, looking down, at its body, as she scanned the area...

Scarves. Mirrors. Knives. Her mind flickered over them. Don't look. It was its eyes. Don't look into them. She eased toward the table, jumping back when it lunged. A twist of her lips and she dropped a sight shield over her as well. She saw it pause, seeming to sniff. It knew she was here, but not being able to see her, to see her eyes seemed to have baffled it. A mirror. More than one knife. It lunged at the mirror, but she'd been expecting that, retreating a bit out of it's reach. Using the mirror as her guide, still careful not to look, she hurled a knife at one of its eyes.

It made a ghastly noise, rearing up at the pain, and she hurled another at it's other eye. It was wailing, flailing. She barely had the strength of Craft to encase it in a bubble, trapping it. She didn't know what magickal strength it might have, or how long her bubble could hold, but she knew she didn't have enough strength to finish it with Craft, and from it's hissing bellows, that made her ears ache, she didn't know how deep the knives had sunk or whether it had some way of protecting it's brain from her knives.

She managed to stand upright and slip by it, ducking under the bubble she'd created around it, even as she felt it failing, giving out as the Green was drained.

She stumbled out, bruised and shaken, trembling. But she was out. She'd made it through. She hadn't found the center, but she sank to the grass outside the North entrance, and closed her eyes. Triumph there, yes. She'd done it. But the creatures...she'd never seen their like.

A wish. She had a wish, she remembered vaguely. She didn't know what to wish for. Nothing she needed, really. Her family was as safe as could be and she doubted the Riders had the same sort of power to grant things in Kaeleer. She had Samael...

She'd wish for peace, but she doubted that was in their power, either.

She'd think about it. Right now, she just wanted a hot bath and her wolf and a bed.

Preferably without encountering Daemon or Sam on her way to said bath and wolf and bed. She didn't like to think what either of them would say about this, and while she'd never shirked from a fight with either of them--or anyone else--she really didn't want any delay in that bathtime. Or fussing. No fussing. She touched her neck gently. She might need to find a Healer to get rid of any bruises or marks. The family's eyes, not to mention Daemon and Sam's, were much too sharp. She'd sleep, and get her strength back. And maybe have tea to ease the ache in her throat.

And then she'd be fine and they never need know.

Wasn't that for the best?


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