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I couldn't save her. I tried to get there in time, but I wasn't listening hard enough. I should have gone as soon as I knew they'd taken her instead of waiting. I should soon as I felt Sadi break the Black, I should have gone. Should have known.

But I was too late and they'd already done to her what should never be done to anyone, let alone a child. They'd taken her innocence. Shattered it. Shattered her. And not just with...they used something on her. Something that ripped her, and all I could see was blood.

I killed the man inside her, but the Uncles were coming and I didn't take the minute it would have taken to finish the kill. I left him there to make the transformation to demon dead and come after her again. I failed there, too.

Always finish the kill. I knew that. Sadi taught me that young, but I didn't. I left her, I left all of them, still in danger.

I wove a death trap for those who came after us into the altar. Tried to give Sadi time to do what needed doing. But even then, I couldn't hold them. There were too many. He couldn't go with them, because no one had time to show me how to do what needed doing with the candles. He had to hold together to do it, drained as he was already. Because I took too much time. Wasn't quiet enough. Made my kills too noisily. Whatever.

She shattered.

He shattered.

I couldn't stop it, and I couldn't fix it. All I could do was watch.


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