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ooc: Since in-game Surreal is a bit confused and possibly bordering on uncharacteristic brooding right now, I am taking the liberty to write this prompt from a future/AU perspective. It's 80 or so years after the end of the books and short stories. Think of it as a "what could happen" sort of thing. :-)

She'd shared her bed with others for most of her life, albeit usually in far more strenuous occupation than this snuggled sleepiness, but never in even the height of sexual pleasure had she been this utterly aware of someone else. Every breath, soft and snuffling. The tiny mouth searching for her breast with more determined persistence than any client or lover had shown, and Surreal was more happy to surrender it than she had ever been.

One finger traced her daughter's cheek as the infant fed, and an unusually soft smile lit her face. There were words for what she was feeling, she was sure, but she wasn't sure what they were. When she tried to speak them, she found tears in her eyes, so she just subsided.

The bed moved slightly as a long, lean form stretched out next to her. One arm slid around her waist, and long curls brushed her skin as he rested his chin lightly against her shoulder, looking down at the miracle they'd made.

"She's beautiful," Rainier said softly in her ear. "Like you."

A child of three races now, the baby's ears were less pointed than Surreal's, her skin paler, like her father's.

"I think she's going to have your eyes," Surreal said, glancing at him with a smile.

He grinned, pleased by this private acknowledgment of paternity, though truly it wouldn't be publicly acknowledged for a few years in an official ceremony. Fathers' places were precarious in Blood society, though less after the Purification of decades before.

"What do you think we should call her?" he asked, touching the baby's arm almost wonderingly.

Of all of this, that was the easiest part for Surreal. Her smile grew as she looked down at the baby.

"Titian. I want to name her Titian."

Rainier dropped a kiss on her shoulder, and somewhere in the eternal Darkness, the spirit of her mother smiled.


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