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[After this and this.]

SURREAL:*half-wry, half serious* Being a whore was easier.
DAEMON: Yes, in some ways. At least I could splatter the bitches whenever I felt like it.
SURREAL:*blinks* Well. Yeah. That, too. *thoughtful pause* It's not very good etiquette to splatter your lover all over the walls, is it?
DAEMON: You assume I ever had any lovers.
SURREAL: No. I know you didn't. general.
DAEMON:*slight smile* I suppose you have a point. Splattering one's lovers tends to be rather permanent.
SURREAL:*soft sigh* Yeah.
DAEMON: Surreal...
SURREAL:*looks up* Yeah?
DAEMON: Do you care for him? Because if you do, I'll leave it be. I won't like it, and I can't promise I won't growl. Probably often. But I'll stay away from him.
Lovers, Loves and Colliding Worlds )
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After this.

DAEMON: *goes looking for Graysfang*
GRAYSFANG: *is happily chewing on leather strap*
DAEMON: *pets the wolf*
GRAYSFANG: *wags his tail* *Daemon!*
DAEMON: *Little Brother*
GRAYSFANG: *Surreal went shopping*
DAEMON: *So I hear. I think she's besotted.*
GRAYSFANG: *tilts his head* *Besotted?*
DAEMON: *makes an impatient gesture* *She is infatuated with him.*
GRAYSFANG: *slight growl*
DAEMON: *growls as well*
Wherein Growly Males attempt to understand female instead of just asking )
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After this.

DAEMON: *snarls*
GRAYSFANG: *She went willingly, but he smelled funny. Not like Blood*
DAEMON: *you're sure?*
GRAYSFANG: *That he smelled funny?*
DAEMON: *sighs*
GRAYSFANG: *tilts his head*
DAEMON: *no, that she went willingly* *scritches behind ears*
GRAYSFANG: *He sent her a dress. She put it on. And scent.* *sneezes slightly*
DAEMON: *moody* *if you insist.*
GRAYSFANG: *Is Surreal taking a mate?* *worried*
DAEMON: *even moodier* *I suppose it's possible.*
GRAYSFANG: *whines a little, settling next to him* *He stayed in her bed before. She wouldn't let me in*
DAEMON: *dryly* *I think she's capable of taking care of that side of things without your help, little brother*
GRAYSFANG: *If Surreal takes a mate, his claim will be stronger than mine...*
DAEMON: *strokes him again* *And if you take a mate, hers will be stronger than Surreal's. That's the way it goes.*
GRAYSFANG: *puppy eyes*
DAEMON: *cool look* *You know I'm right.*
GRAYSFANG: *whines*
DAEMON: *sighs, moody* *Yeah, I don't like it much either.*
GRAYSFANG: *perks up a bit* *You don't?*
DAEMON: *shakes his head* *But it's not any of my business, either.*
GRAYSFANG: *hopefully* *She listens to you*
DAEMON: *scowls* *Absolutely not*
GRAYSFANG: *Why not?* *puppy eyes again*
DAEMON: *because she'll come after my balls, and then yours, that's why.*
GRAYSFANG: *puts his paws over his nose, discouraged*
DAEMON: *grumps*
GRAYSFANG: *He smells funny. He's not Blood. She can't take a mate who isn't Blood* *seems mildly cheered by this*
DAEMON: *Hmm. I wonder if we can argue that...*
GRAYSFANG: Rrrf! *Yes!* *bounces back up, tail wagging*
DAEMON: *glances at the wolf*
DAEMON: *I'll talk to her, all right?*
GRAYSFANG: *All right!*
DAEMON: *is so going to regret this*
GRAYSFANG: *bounces happily, finds a scrap of leather Surreal lets him chew on, settling on Daemon's feet*
DAEMON: *chuckles, petting him*

[Surreal: ....Mate? We went dancing. They got into the Gravediggers again didn't they? I can't believe Daemon gave the wolf alcohol. So irresponsible.]


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