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Birthdate:Jan 31
Hello, sugar. If you want to be technical, I'm Surreal SaDiablo, but I don't go by that too often. Just Surreal's fine. Only recently I figured that being one of the SaDiablo's might not be so bad. Too many folks in Terrielle who just made it not a name I want to have. But seems as though I've got me a whole branch of the family I never realized.

'Course there's only so many folks who'd be happy to say the head of their family is the High Lord of Hell. But I'm particularly fond of Uncle Saetan, so I guess that makes me one of those people.

It did make settling here in Kaeleer much easier. Of course, after spending my life on the streets and on my own, to suddenly find myself with a pack of male relatives who have a need to interfere on a daily basis is a bit disconcerting. Male relatives on both sides I might add...Mother Night. SaDiablos and the Dea al Mon...I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do with them all.


Surreal enters hearts_andminds post Tangled Webs.

A product of her mother's rape by her father, Surreal spent her earliest years having to listen while her mother whored herself for their food and they hid from her father who wanted them both dead. She had a brief respite and a time of peace from ages 10 to 12 where she got to be a child and just learn and go to school as a child should when Daemon Sadi put her mother under his protection, but that shattered when her mother was murdered and Surreal fled to the streets. Raped and forced into prostitution at the age of 12, she became a killer as well, to survive, turning half feral and wild until Daemon found her and again rescued her when she was 15, but a lot of the damage was already done. He saw to it that she was educated and trained, that her rage and violence were channeled into the more sophisticated art of hired assassination and that she became a celebrated courtesan instead of a street whore, but nothing could really take the edges off what her childhood had done. She worked hard at both her occupations—courtesan and assassin—until she was the highest paid whore in the Territory, and even a more highly paid assassin. It's a point of honor with her that she never killed an innocent, choosing as her targets instead men who raped and broke young girls. She tried to save Jaenelle when she was attacked, but came too late to do more than avenge her and get her to Daemon. When Daemon went mad, Surreal was there to care for him, and eventually get him to Kaeleer, where they found a family with Daemon's father and brother and Jaenelle and her court and they slowly started to heal from the wounds of the past.

Surreal's birthright Jewel was Green and when she made her Offering to Darkness, she descended to Gray. Her caste is that of a witch.

Personality: Surreal is temperamental, at best. She does not trust easily. When her own misunderstanding of Daemon led to a break between them and she lost his friendship as well, she shut herself off emotionally from nearly everyone. Over the course of the books, she makes a wary sort of friendship with Jaenelle and Saetan and Lucivar, but it's only on her terms. Men are the enemy, and most women aren't much better. She is from a society where people are ready to stab you in the back and destroy you, and what friendships she has are mostly on the surface. Even after four hundred years, she's only tried being in love one time, and it ended badly for her, because he was unable to accept her independence or see past the walls she keeps up around her heart. Underneath all the prickly layers, though, is a woman capable of fierce loyalty. She is highly protective of children and other women, but frightened to let someone love her. Being seen as weak is an anathema and she doesn't know how to accept being part of a family, even as she craves that desperately. She's tired and wants a home, but all she knows are the games of the bedroom and the games of death and doesn't think she's much suited for anything else, or that anyone would want someone like her sullying up the purity of something better, which leaves her always feeling like the tainted outsider looking in, even when around people who claim to love her. Still, outsider or no, she knows that Daemon, Jaenelle and Saetan and the family that took her in around them did so when they didn't have to, and she would do absolutely anything for them, no matter what the cost.

Physical Description: Surreal is about 5'7", very slender but with defined muscles, with the golden skin and long black hair of her Hayllian father and golden green eyes and pointed ears of her Dea al Mon mother.

Disclaimer: This is a journal for ficlet writing purposes and RP in hearts_andminds. Surreal is a character from The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop. She doesn't belong to me. I'm just playing with her for a little while. Anne Bishop owns all copyright rights in the character and the world. As this is not for profit, and an exercise in writing style and voice, I beleive that under the US Copyright Act it constitutes fair use. No infringement of Ms. Bishop's rights are intended. Surreal's avatar is Monica Belluci. I'm not her either.

For information on The Black Jewels Trilogy and the Blood:
Anne Bishop's FAQs About the Blood.
Kaeleer's Heart.
Lady Angelline's Guide.
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