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It was hard won, and bittersweet, and there were more losses than I think any of us had reckoned on. Dorothea was dead, painfully so, and Hekatah thrown into the Darkness as well. The Blood were purged of their taint, and only a few remained in Terreille at all. In Kaeleer, even, there were fewer left than we might have wished, more tainted by the immigration than we realized, I think.

Daemon and Lucivar were strained, separate, the vision of what he had done to Marian and Daemonar's shadows lingering between them. Saetan, I think, understood more, but still, the words had hurt and his torture had taken a toll, and what they were forced to later, even now I do not know. My own body was bruised, by my own insistence, and I think for a long time Daemon was broken. But more than that, he came home expecting Jaenelle. He came home expecting a wedding band.

I came home expecting my mother still to be there.

We were both perhaps too hopeful in what we expected.

Everything has a price, you see. Even triumph. It's a lesson we Blood learn young, and the price of forgetting that there will be a price is often far higher than what we reckoned on paying.
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