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What part of "assassin" don't you understand, sugar?

I've killed countless members of my own species. Mostly males, but a few females as well, and sugar, believe me, I'd do it again if it all comes 'round again.

I like to think I never killed anyone who didn't deserve it, at least, but honestly wondering that is not something that keeps me up at night. People who knew to hire me, knew that I went for honest kills. No rivalries. No wanting to get someone out of the way who had slighted you. I killed males who hurt little girls. Males who raped and broke witches. Males who left children bleeding in the streets when they were done taking their pleasure with them. Males like my father, and males like the man who raped me, and all those clients who preyed on me when I was on the streets. Who hit me. Who tried to get away without paying for the things I let them do to me.

I killed the first one while he was still inside me, after he'd beaten me beforehand. I killed him, and I took his money, and I ran. It was instinct, pure and wild and broken, and it earned me a reputation that at least stopped them from hitting me most of the time before they took me, and made sure they paid for the "pleasure." Then Daemon honed it. He had me trained. He found me contacts. Finally, there were clients who paid more for one flick of my knife than I made in a month on my back.

I'm retired, now. I don't hire myself out for pleasure or death. That doesn't mean I won't kill again. "Murder" is not a crime among the Blood, and I always have my blade at the ready.


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