Jun. 12th, 2007

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I did win one, of sorts, though I can’t say that it’s one I’m personally proud of achieving. Though, I suppose, one should always take pride in one’s work. It isn’t my work anymore, of course. I gave it up from the night I found Jaenelle bleeding and broken on the bed, but it was before, and I always had mixed feelings.

I hated many of the men who came to my bed, but not all. With a few regulars there was at least a sense of familiarity, and sometimes there was even pleasure. No matter how I came to it, I rarely hated sex itself after the things I learned. There were days I despised myself for that, that I could take pleasure even in the games of the bedroom. But it was that ability to find pleasure, as well as the complete ability to control it that made me what I was.

I was, quite simply, the best. The highest paid whore in all of Terreille. I graced a house by deigning to practice there. No madam would turn me away, because I paid her price, and I made us both rich when I worked there. I set my price, and when I raised it—they paid. Few women in my line of work can truly say that. Few had the freedom I had. I traveled. I went where I pleased. I had homes, times away from work. I was recognized. I was admired. I was free.

But that appellation—that was how they knew me. “The highest paid whore in Terreille. I suppose it is some sort of award in a land known for it’s cruel games between the sexes and a place in the only profession where men were allowed to dominate. I made the rules. I overcame my past. I prospered. And that means something.


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