Apr. 9th, 2007

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Dearest Sister,

When Samael explained the concept of a fan letter to me, I admit that I was stumped. Why anyone would write letters to entertainers is beyond me. Yes, they work hard at entertaining, but I can't say I've been overly impressed with most of it. There's a writer or two I might consider sending such, but most of them seem to be dead and they might not appreciate such a foreign opinion as mine.

But then it became perfectly clear. A letter to someone expressing appreciation and admiration for the things they do? Well, that could only go from me to one person, and that's you, sugar. You are the only person in all the Realms I can contemplate writing one of these letters to. Your strength, your dedication, your understanding of what must be; your care for each of us, your grasp of the necessity of sacrifice; and your willingness to be the sacrifice, to not ask more of anyone than you ask yourself--all that and more make you worthy of praise.

You are my sister. My friend. My inspiration. My touchstone. My guidepost. You have made our world one I feel safe bringing my daughter into. You have made the Blood once again a legacy I am proud to pass on to her. You have given us our very selves back, and that is something to celebrate. You have made my dearest friend happier than I ever thought he could be, and that alone would make me love you even if there was nothing else. You gave me a home. A name. A place to be myself and make a difference.

Thank you. I love you, more than these words can say, for who you are and everything you have done. I am ever at your disposal, whatever you need, and am always here to Serve.

Your sister,


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