Dec. 28th, 2006

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This concept of kissing under a plant is something that is new to me. In a culture such as mine, I'm surprised we didn't come up with some sort of tradition along these lines, but there is none I know of. Oh, there are Winsol kisses, of course, but nothing such as your mistletoe.

It was an interesting experience, hanging the plants. Rather, I ordered them hung, after Samael explained, because clambering up on ladders is not something I find myself able to do with any sort of grace at this time.

Even with the explanation of its purpose, I did not expect it to become the focus of our entire party, but that is what happened. Perhaps it is just the excuse for licentiousness? The approval to meet others who are not your mate under a plant and have it all be acceptable. I admit to participating in it, but only on a small scale. The Doctor is a most agreeable man, and quite a proficient kisser. In another time and place, I might have sought to pursue something a bit more with such a man, but it is not that time, nor that place and the kiss will slide to a momentary still shot from an agreeable evening.

The second kiss will linger longer, for all that there have been many others between us. It was different, perhaps, than kisses I am used to. There was familiarity in it. The kiss of lovers well settled with each other, and that alone is something new. Triumph in it, that so many were enjoying our hospitality. Excitement for the coming year and the changes it will bring. Happiness in finding our way through this year. Want, need, yes, but not the overwhelming force of it.

A kiss between lovers.

I think, perhaps, that it is more memorable than any other I have received.


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